Cold restoration is a collection of advanced hair care treatments tailored for hair that is too damaged for thermal procedures. It acts as an ideal complement to services such as botox, keratin treatments, and nanoplastia, or following intense bleaching sessions. 

  • One Day Training
  • 10 AM TO 2 PM
  • In-person Training
  • Starter Kit Included
  • Teacher: Raushania Sadikova
  • Price: $599 + Taxes

Mastering the Art of Hair Repair: Cold Hair Restoration Course

Course Overview

Cold Hair Restoration is an advanced hair care training designed for hair that is too damaged for thermal treatments. This course serves as a comprehensive solution, working alongside botox, keratin treatments, and nanoplastia, especially after intensive bleaching. It is suitable for a variety of hair types and damage levels, aiming to restore elasticity, luster, and overall hair health.

Training Details

  • Duration: One Day
  • Time: 10 AM to 2 PM
  • Format: Theory and hands-on practice on a real model
  • Trial Kit Included: Starter kit with essential tools and products

What You Will Learn

  • Understanding Hair Structure: Insights into hair's composition, diagnostic techniques, and damage levels.
  • Chemical Processes in Blonde Hair: Learn the specifics of handling and restoring blonde hair.
  • Restoration Techniques: Master one-day restoration techniques for optimal results.
  • Protective Strategies: Implement safety measures before botox and keratin applications.
  • Handling Severely Damaged Hair: Advanced approaches for treating highly compromised hair.

Who Should Attend

  • Aspiring Professionals: Those looking to learn safe and effective hair handling techniques.
  • Experienced Stylists: Professionals seeking to enhance their skills in repairing hair authentically.
  • Thermal Treatment Users: Practitioners aiming to expand their offerings with non-thermal methods.
  • Hair Care Experts: Specialists looking for innovative, effective cold restoration formulas.

Benefits of Attending

  • Expand Your Skills: Become a more versatile, knowledgeable, and sought-after hair care professional.
  • Client Satisfaction: Transform damaged hair into healthy, vibrant locks, increasing client loyalty.
  • New Revenue Opportunities: Broaden your service offerings and tap into new markets.

If You Choose Not to Enroll

  • Risk of Turning Away Clients: Missing potential income and the chance to build a loyal client base.
  • Risk of Mishandling Treatments: Potential financial and reputational damage due to inadequate treatment of severely damaged hair.

Course Features

  • No Contraindications: Safe to use during pregnancy, odorless, and discomfort-free.
  • Subtle Restoration: Unlike visual treatments like botox, it reduces hair damage, preparing hair for future thermal treatments.
  • Starter Kit Contents:
    • RP PREMIUM Small Kit
    • Thermo Cap
    • Express Botox 300 gr.
    • Various Accessories
    • Bag Felps
    • Discount Offer: 20% off on treatments the day of the training.

Enroll in this course to confidently navigate the complexities of hair care and stand out in your profession. Transform your approach to hair treatment and ensure the best outcomes for your clients with groundbreaking cold restoration techniques.

Training Prices

One Day Training. Hair Botox. Starter kit included.

Price: $599 + Taxes

One Day Training. Hair Botox, Keratin, Nanoplastia. Starter kit included.

Price: $899 + Taxes

Two Days Training. Hair Botox, Keratin, Nanoplastia. Starter kit included.

$1475 Price: $1179 + Taxes

One Day Training. Cold Recovery Treatment. Starter kit included.

Price: $599 + Taxes


What is cold hair restoration?

Cold hair restoration is a set of advanced hair care treatments designed for severely damaged hair that cannot withstand thermal procedures. It is especially effective following intensive bleaching or as a complement to treatments like botox, keratin, and nanoplastia.

Who should consider attending the cold hair restoration training?

This training is ideal for professionals who want to repair hair authentically across all levels of damage, stylists transitioning from thermal to non-thermal methods, and experts in hair restoration seeking innovative techniques.

What will I learn in the cold hair restoration training?

Participants will gain comprehensive insights into hair structure, learn diagnostic methods, understand the chemical processes in blonde hair, and discover techniques to restore hair in just one day.

Is the training suitable for all hair types?

Yes, the techniques taught are suitable for various hair types and degrees of damage, focusing on revitalizing hair by improving its elasticity, luster, and overall quality.

Are there any contraindications for cold hair restoration?

No, there are no contraindications for this procedure. It is safe to perform even during pregnancy, as it involves no unpleasant smells or discomfort.

What are the potential professional risks of not taking this course?

Without this training, professionals might have to turn away clients with severely damaged hair or risk causing further damage by improperly applying treatments like keratin, which could harm their reputation and financial stability.

How does cold restoration differ from other treatments like keratin or botox?

Unlike treatments that provide a visual effect, cold restoration primarily reduces the degree of hair damage, preparing hair to better withstand future thermal treatments.

What does the practical part of the training involve?

The practical component includes working on a real model, applying the techniques learned to assess and treat damaged hair effectively.



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