Unlock the secrets of transformative haircare with our inclusive Hair Botox Certification Program. Designed for enthusiasts at every level, no prior experience in hairdressing is necessary to embark on this journey. Upon completion, graduates gain exclusive access to our special pricing, empowering them to kickstart their career immediately.

  • One Day Training
  • 10 AM TO 4 PM
  • In-person Training
  • Starter Kit Included
  • Teacher: Raushania Sadikova
  • Price: $599 + Taxes


  • Hair Structure

    Cortex, cuticle & medulla. Cuticle damages. Hair composition & layers involved in the procedure. Hair types & its differences. Hair PH level and its importance. Nutrition or hydration?

  • Hair Porosity

    Learn why hair porosity is important. Learn how to perform a porosity test. Learn different levels of hair porosity & how it affects the result.

  • The Degree of Hair Damage. Diagnostics.

    Learn all the degrees of existing hair damage. Learn how to accurately diagnose client’s hair. Learn how to determine the degree of hair damage. Learn how to carefully choose the procedure based on hair’s damage. Master the differences between working with blond and damaged hair. Learn how to choose the right temperature.

  • Different Treatments & Types

    Master all the categories of the treatments and the procedures. Get a list of precautions for each treatment. Find out how long the treatments last, what can affect it and how to prolong it. You will learn some secret of mixing formulas.

  • Formaldehyde

    Learn about formaldehyde & harmful ingredients. Learn how does the formaldehyde affects our health. HEALTH CANADA RESTRICTIONS. Why some treatments contain formaldehyde?

  • Client’s Consultation

    Learn how to hear your client and not only listen. Learn how to choose the right treatment based on client’s desire vs hair’s damage. Learn how to determine precautions for the procedure. Consent form.

  • Hair Botox Treatment

    Learn what is Hair Botox Treatment. Learn who is the best client for this type of the treatment. Learn what it’s benefits. Learn which botox to choose on your client. Learn how to seal the hair correctly: the number of passes & temperature settings. Learn about mixing formulas. What type of Botox exist on the market.

  • Common Mistakes

    Learn about the most common mistakes done by a professional before, during & after the treatment. Learn how to avoid unsatisfying result. Success.

  • Hair Services Combination

    Lean about combining reconstruction procedures with other services. Learn about the peculiarities of working with hair extensions. Learn how to combine hair restoration procedures with coloring without risks.

  • Legal Side

    Importance of Consent Form. Security deposit. Reimbursement. Protection of your reputation. Discount for hairdressers & technicians.

  • Hair Care

    Learn about prohibited ingredients. Home hair care importance. Learn how to choose right home hair care. Learn how to educate your clients about hair care products.

  • Tools & Disinfection

    Learn about the types of irons, hair dryers, combs and how to choose the best for work. Necessary tools to optimize the result. Learn about effective sterilization of instruments. Calculate basic expenses to start.

  • Pricing

    Learn how to calculate your profit. Learn how to choose price point for your services correctly. Learn how to sell home care correctly. Learn how to quickly build up a client base and keep it. Learn how to sell your services at high price. Study your competitors. Secrets on how to make money.


  • Washing & Drying Hair

    Learn how to properly wash the hair & prepare them for the treatment. Learn how to choose right clarifying shampoo. Learn how to divide your hair into sections. Learn how to dry hair properly. Learn to work with a round brush.

  • Application Techniques

    Learn how to apply the product. Learn how to economically use the product and what happens if you applied too much or too little. You will understand why some clients complain about oily hair. Learn how to speed up your work and shorten the procedure time.

  • Sealing Process

    Learn how to seal the hair correctly: the number of passes, the position of the straightening, how to properly seal the ends & work close to the roots. Learn different sealing approach depending on its procedure. Learn step by step instructions for each treatment.

  • Presentation of Your Portfolio

    Learn how to do present your work (final styling). Learn how to present your work on Facebook & Instagram. Portfolio.

Training Prices

One Day Training. Hair Botox. Starter kit included.

Price: $599 + Taxes

One Day Training. Hair Botox, Keratin, Nanoplastia. Starter kit included.

Price: $899 + Taxes

Two Days Training. Hair Botox, Keratin, Nanoplastia. Starter kit included.

$1475 Price: $1179 + Taxes

One Day Training. Cold Recovery Treatment. Starter kit included.

Price: $599 + Taxes


What is included in the Beginner Hair Botox Training course?

The Beginner Hair Botox Training course includes comprehensive theoretical knowledge covering hair structure, porosity, damage diagnostics, treatments, formaldehyde, client consultation, the legal side of the business, home care maintenance, tools and disinfection, pricing strategies, and practical application techniques. Starter Kit is also included.

Do I need previous experience in hairdressing to join the Beginner Hair Botox Training?

No, previous experience in hairdressing is not required to join the Beginner Hair Botox Training. The course is designed to be accessible to everyone passionate about the hair industry, and all our graduate students gain immediate access to special prices for our services.

How long does the training last, and what is the format?

The Beginner Hair Botox Training is a one-day intensive program that includes both theoretical and practical parts. The theoretical section is divided into detailed lessons on various topics, followed by hands-on practice with a model to apply the learned techniques.

What will I learn in the Practical Part of the course?

In the Practical Part, you will learn essential techniques such as washing and drying hair, application methods, the sealing process, and how to present your work professionally on social media platforms. The training emphasizes efficient product use, correct sealing techniques, and tips for speeding up the procedure time.

How can I sign up for the Hair Botox Training course?

To sign up for the Hair Botox Training course, you can leave your contact details (name, email, and phone number) on our sign-up page, and our manager will contact you with further details on how to proceed with your registration and answer any additional questions you might have.